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Based in Illinois, United States, Serta® International are proud to produce the World's Best Mattress ™. In 1931, an assembly of independent mattress manufacturers joined forces. They realized that their future rested on the ability to compete with name recognition and advertising dollars of emerging national companies.

In 1933, the manufacturers organized their companies under one name Serta, and set national guidelines for the products they would make and market under that brand name.

In creating its flagship mattress, the Perfect Sleeper®, these entrepreneurs struck a powerful balance. They developed a nationally recognized brand as well as a network of local companies dedicated to growing their retail partners’ businesses.


All of the features are the backbones of our astonishing mattresses. Did we say backbones? Yes, you’re right. Not only we’re good at making puns, we also know what’s good for your spine.

Serta knows what is best for your sleep. Introducing all the Serta® mattress collection, the best assortment designed for your every need. Equipped with many top comfort and support features to fully serenade you, Serta® mattresses would be your best companion night after night.

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