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Detail :

iSplendor™ is a lavish getaway after a long tiring day.
Rejoice in peaceful and rejuvenating relaxation courtesy of the Euro Top with iCoolSense™ and KoolComfort Fusion.
The 7-Zone Pocket Spring evenly transmits your weight, cushioning your spine ideally every time you rest on it. Find true tranquility and peace with iSplendor™.

Collection : iPedic Collection
Feel : Medium Firm

Mattress Thickness : 38 cm


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Features :


Anti Dust Mites, Bacteria & Fungus

Luxurious Belgium Knit with iCoolSense & Cool Fiber Technology

7-Zone Latex Layer


Soft Touch Foam

Kool Comfort™

7 Zone Pocket-Spring

Foam Encasement

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