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Complete Synergy for Your Comfortable Living

2020-02-03 08:50:15

What makes you feel "at home" when you are literally at home ? the answer may be your very own house that you have designed specifically and carefully to bring out the comfort and joy that you have been looking for. 

There is an old credo, saying that the basic principle to build your own home is "to live with what you love". Therefore, putting all the stuff you love and your personal taste in how you design your home's interior, is strongly suggested in order to get the full effect of what is "Home" to you. 

In addition to that, you could always mix the ideas of your personal favors with the interior design trend in Indonesia currently. Fortunately, the interior trend in Indonesia is very dynamic, where every hint of different kind of traditional and modern styles are combined together to create a whole new blend. 

As of this year, the ethnic design and style, specifically patterns and textures, have become everyone's favorite. Colors have also been softened to get the earthly and soothing feel. 


Premium Collaboration

Presenting you the boutique, the result of a collaboration between PT. Duta Abadi Primantara and Vinoti Living. The Head of Public Relation & Marketing Communication of PT. Duta Abadi Primantara (DAP), Angela Antini Linggar stated, Living Soul is presented to the public with the elegant, warm, and modern classic concept.   

"So how did PT. DAP, which is very well-known for the international label of luxurious mattress, meet Vinoti Living, which clearly focus more on the furniture and home accessories with classy design and craftsmanship? It's very obvious. Living Soul is offering the one-stop shopping solution for mattresses and home decoration. What differentiate Living Soul with any other boutiques is the presence of Aireloom Mattress from PT. DAP, exclusive products of Livvi Casa, and traditional Chinese design of Kayu Ayu by Vinoti Living," said Angela.

Living Soul boutique is located in the third floor of Plaza Indonesia's Extension, Central Jakarta, with a total area of 750 square meters. This location is very strategic because it's not only in the heart of the city, but also very suitable with the segment of consumer which are consist of executive workers, expatriate society, and entrepreneurs. 

"Other than the premium mattress Aireloom, PT. DAP also present other brands such as King Koil®, Serta®, and reclining chair Stressless® in Living Soul boutique. In fact, Aireloom is exclusively available only in the boutique," added Angela.



Premium Mattresses

Aireloom Mattresses are made by Kluft ES & Company, from United States, dedicating themselves to make your eternal and luxurious mattresses. These mattresses are designed luxuriously to provide maximum comfort and the ability to withstand your body well. 

The featured specification of Aireloom, is the use of natural fibers ranging from the soft and delicate Alpaca wools, Cashmere (the fibers of Tibetan goats), and wool. Many known celebrities are royal and regular customers of Aireloom, named Martha Stewart, Matthew Perry, Billy Crystal, also Elizabeth Taylor and ex-President of US Ronald Reagan, during their lifetime. These mattreses offer the optimal solution to create the best quality of good sleep.

On the past Thursday, April 30th 2015, Living Soul boutique was unveiled.  In the same event, Living Soul also held a Charity Auction, teaming up with Bin House and Josephine Linggar. The amount that had been collected in the auction was donated to Wisma Tuna Ganda which would also be channeled into social works to build a library in Pesantren Lembaga Wakaf Mahad Ibnussabil Indonesia, in Tanjung Barat, South Jakarta.

Without a doubt, the Living Soul presence will bring new alternative as a complete shopping place for all of the high quality mattresses, furniture, and home decoration needs. You will find the blend of world class luxurious brands and the elegance of our own Indonesia's creation and manufacture. Hence, the comfort and beauty of life will now easily be owned.