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Dreams Start From Something Cool

2023-09-11 13:27:25

Imagine you're having a long day at work and finally get home to have a peaceful sleep in your bedroom, but instead of a good night's sleep, you are having a nightmare. How is that possible?

Nightmares and temperature are linked together when it comes to creating a peaceful night's sleep. A cool room temperature promotes deeper and high-quality sleep, allows you to slump deeper, and ensures you have a good sleep without disturbance. Meanwhile, when sleeping at a higher room temperature, you will most likely have nightmares because of the hot temperature.

The statement is also supported by Dr. Neil Stanley, British Sleep Society, and European Sleep Research Society, who stated that the cooler the room temperature, the better our sleep environment. Creating a safe and comfortable sleep environment is crucial to have good sleep quality.

And to create such a good sleep environment, we must ensure that the things in our bedrooms are the supporting essentials. For example, the sheets you use have the cooling ability or are equipped with Tencel technology. And for the bed, instead of using any bed, you can invest in a bed with a cooling system. A mattress that doesn't leave you sweaty all because it's cool and hugs your body contour in the right places.

For instance, you can choose a bed with good airflow, allowing the heat to escape instead of being trapped in the layers. Also, you can always choose a mattress with an excellent cooling system, like Serta® Mattress.

As a brand, Serta® strives to present the best for you. And knowing we live in a tropical country and recently have had hot spells, we want to ensure your sleeping quality when sleeping with Serta®. Therefore, our newest Double Cool technology combines CoolFiber™ and iCoolSense™ to bring you the ultimate coolness at night. Not stopping there, Serta® also combines ViroSafe™, which will prevent viral activity up to 99%, and Biocrystal technology, which will help to release your stress.

Find our new and improved technology in Serta® AGM Collection. For more information, click here.