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Enough Sleep During Holiday? It’s Possible!

2023-09-12 09:26:36

The end of the year is a good year to take some time to recharge, refresh, and rejuvenate. Getting a vacation to rest your mind before preparing for the new year may come. However, when you go on holiday, there are possibilities that you need more sleep for a lot of reasons. Avoid lack of sleep when you are away with these adjustments.

Practice Sleeping Routine
Try to stick with a routine sleeping schedule before your vacation. This routine is great for exercising your body to fall into regular sleep time. You can add breathing exercises, having a warm shower, and listening to relaxing music to help your body to unwind.

Prepare Your Vacation
Writing down your itinerary is a good start to estimate how much time you'll spend outside, and you can arrange your sleeping time with this. Your itinerary is a great tip to avoid fatigue during your holiday and get enough sleep.

Sleep-friendly Room
Your bedroom is the most comfortable place to sleep. When you're away, you can mimic the hotel room you are staying in by making it comfortable to your liking—for example, keeping it quiet and adjusting the temperature. Wearing an eye mask and a sleep noise machine also help ease your body into the new environment. 

Mind Your Alcohol a Caffeine Intake
According to Alcohol and the Sleeping Brain research, consuming alcohol and caffeine in large doses disrupts your sleeping cycle, intensity, and quality. Therefore, be mindful when you are out and about, hold the temptation and mind your intake. 

Limit Blue Light Exposure
blue light from electronic devices may suppress the release of melatonin, according to this research. It is recommended to avoid too much bright light exposure before bed. Resist the urge to surf through your social media at night when you are on vacation and take a walk around the city or try new cafes nearby.